Famous Art Sculptures

Art Sculptures

Sculptors and Their Art

The field of sculpting is fascinating to those who admire it. An artist takes a large piece of material and transforms it into a viable...

Art Sculptures

Sculpting with Metals

There are a great many pieces of sculpture that have been created in stone and wood. These are favorite materials for many who love to...

Art Sculptures

Learning How to Sculpt

There are many different mediums sculptors can use to create their works of art, but few people understand the process they go through to arrive...

Art Sculptures

Great Sphinx of Giza

One of the most famous stone sculptures is the Sphinx in Egypt. This incredible work combines the body of a lion with the head of...

Art Sculptures

Wordwide Art Tourism

There are many great works of art around the world, but not all of them can be shipped to local galleries and museums. The Great...

Art Sculptures

A Society of Art Tourists

Touring to view great works of art is a wonderful way to meet new people and turn a passion into a social opportunity. Finding people...

There are a great many famous sculptures from all over the world. Ancient cultures revered these works of art and some still survive today. Michelangelo created his works in Italy, and David and The Pieta still remain there. Both of these pieces were created as scenes from the Bible. David was the representation of the David who fought Goliath. The Pieta is Jesus being held by his mother, Mary. Other famous sculptures include the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Moai sculptures of Easter Island and Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janiero. Many of these pieces have great religious significance for their cultures.